Monday, February 11, 2013

WiP It

          I figured that I'd let you guys know a little bit about my latest work in progress, aka WIP. I've out done myself in regards to this project because it isn't some simple storyline. This has grown from a possible three book series, about four years ago, to now being a total of ten that I've already mapped out in a rough outline. This baby is going to be a labor of love and a true test of time with severe dedication.

          I've called it (drum roll please...) the Savage Series, as I wanted it to be about paranormals dealing with discrimination in the modern era. These characters are all different ethnicities and species, with their own zest for life. Some are cross breeds and some are simply the children of the foregone era of the genre. They all work at a bar outside of Hilton Head, South Carolina where new government laws are forcing them to accept humans into their midst. Hate groups and media frenzy are on the attack as the first night opening to mortals, a human is attacked and by a paranormal, no less. This leads them into a world of investigation and deeply hidden agendas, as they dig to uncover what dastardly creature has infiltered their lives.

          Constance Marie Parrish shouldn't even exist, let alone have to deal with someone digging their human nose into her skeleton lined closet. Who cares if the detective is sexy and the bar is under heavy scrutiny? This southern gal has to fight the predator within herself before she can fix anything else in her life. You see, she's half vampire half witch and her parents went to great lengths to conceive her. With her daddy being one of the top five most powerful warlocks in the United States, her powers were ingrained into her DNA. Sadly, so was her mother's vampiric thirst for blood, which she wished wasn't such a curse upon her existance.

          Her co-workers and friends include a bi-sexual vampire bartender (Leilei), bartender boss and a Jamaican necromancer (Cayman), a lone werewolf bouncer (Silas), a siren waitress (Vanna), a wraith waitress (WIllow), and the goblin bar owner (John Smith). Each one of them has a side that isn't shown to their best friend, let alone to the misguided minister that hounds them outside of the media filled parking lot.

          Nothing is as it seems and monsters are pulled out from under the bed, for all to see. This bar may be a haven where you can bring your inner beast but be careful of the darkness that lurks past your drink. Friendships, betrayals, lust and blood abound in this old warehouse as the inhabitants feed on more than the food served in it's stainless steel kitchen. This is the bar that could most certainly take a bite out of you, as you silently beg for more.

)))Corset Hugs(((
Ginny Lynn
Wench Writer


  1. Cool premise! Sounds like an amazing read :)

    1. Thanks, Heather. :-) I like to mix up the old with the new, to keep a fresh look on what's out there. One day, this baby will be out there for everyone to sink their teeth into. :-[ (hehe)