Monday, January 13, 2014

My Vices

noun: vice
  1. 1.
    immoral or wicked behavior.
What vices do you have?
I drink coffee. I may not add all of the sugar anymore but I still love coffee.
I interrupt people when I have to say something. It's sad and I'm working on it. I'm a middle child in a big family plus have an awful memory so I had to fight to be heard (before I forgot what I wanted to say). I apologize.
I'm a figit. If I'm sitting somewhere, with nothing to do, (like watching a movie or sitting through a lecture), then I restlessly move my legs or hands. I have to get the energy out somehow.
I may not be seen actually eating a candy bar but when I crave chocolate, I have to have it.

Sweet Tea. Yes, sweet. Yes, strong. I'm southern and don't need an excuse.
I am constantly thinking if things in a dirty way. But at least I'm good at it.
I need items with actual sugar in them, not that fake crap. I honestly think the altered sweetners are worst for you in the long run.
I have a thing about vampires. I know, DUH!
Vanity, thy name is woman. I can not stand going out with some type of makeup on as I don't like how I look without it.
Impatience. My words have been "Patience? Never met the chick."
I'm stubborn. I stick to my guns until after I'm hit over the head with one. I'm part Indian and part Scottish so I have no choice in the matter.
Tell me some of your vices. I'd love to see what you run up against every day.
)))Corset Hugs(((
Ginny Lynn
Wench Writer


  1. I interrupt others too. It's a terrible vice that I've passed down to my children and I find myself trying to reteach them now and biting my own tongue so I don't interrupt them!

    1. After 40 yrs, it's a hard habit for me to break but I'm working on it.