Monday, January 27, 2014

Little things to get my curvy butt into shape

If you don't want to hear about exercise, then I apologize.

I'm a curvy gal and I have no problem with having said curves. What I do have a problem with is when those curves seem to expand the lines of my wardrobe. This being said, I started Zumba Core a year ago and loved it. I've always been a dancer but this was exercise made fun.

As the months rolled by, I noticed how I was tightening up those curves and loving it. I'm over 40, so anything this simple makes me a happy cougar. Haha. Then I started night school while I kept my day job....see the downhill coming? I had people tell me that since I don't eat much when I'm nervous that'd I'd easily keep weight off while I stressed through the time as I ran from place to place. If this was true then I call FOUL on all of you. I didn't lose anything and as I got busier, I had to chose between time to sleep and time to workout. The workout lost and the weight gained. Ouch.

I'm back to what I was before I started Zumba and I used the break between semesters to get back into it. I still love it. I really missed it. What I have to figure out now is how to fight the battle of the bulge when I'm fighting to keep my sanity. School is back in and there is still no time to workout as I'm now doing externship, day job, and night classes. Did anyone notice that sleep wasn't on that list???

This is my plan and we'll see how far I can carry it. I love to dance. And in that love is exercise. So I've already started playing beat heavy music (techno, house, belly dance) at work so I can sway, shimmy, and do moves that don't require my rear in a chair. Yes, I work in full view of the clients so I have to time this little routine butt (giggle) it's doable.

As I wait on the microwave to heat up my coffee, I do squats or knee bends to keep me moving. I do leg lifts and varieties of ballet moves as I stand on hold with insurance companies. I'm cleaning off my stationary bike so I can ride while I study. I even wear my ear buds while doing housework so I can do a few moves while I straighten up the house. None of these require money for the gym. Thank heavens above. And if Shakira can look a-freaking-mazing as a mom who belly dances, then why can't I?

What can you do to increase your workout possibilities? Even sitting at your desk can give you ways of nudging your muscle mass into some sort of shape. Seriously, if someone can do Kegels while in the line at the bank then you can do lunges in the break room. Wink.

                                       )))Corset Hugs(((  

Ginny Lynn
Wench Writer   

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