Monday, February 3, 2014

February Firsts - My very own blogsite

It was this time last year that this site was started. Noelle Pierce had been working on the website for hours and she made it look great.

I had decided to do Firsts as the post for the first week of each month and have been trying to keep up with it. Now the site is it's own blog post.

I started this up when I was no longer a member of a group blog post. I won't get into those details other than I saw it as a way to branch out. I'm glad that I pulled the trigger.

I don't like Mondays and decided to call them Moandays. Does anyone actually like Mondays? It was the whole reason that I decided to make that the morning that the blogs went live. It was a way of getting my work week started and hopefully on a good note.
I went with Wench Writer as that was my designated brand and it was one of my better decisions. This was almost called something else and I won't say what as I may use it at a later time.
Wanting this to be primarily paranormal was good for me as I've only written one non paranormal manuscript. It was Just to be Left Alone.
Angela Simpson took the great picture of me for the header and then Noelle added the fangs plus the headstone that I'm sitting on. No, the pic was not actually taken like this. Through magic photoshop skills it was possible. Those who really know me would know that I would never sit on a tombstone as I have respect for the dead. Besides, I'm way too big to even try that. Did you guys even know I had fangs in that pic?
I've been trying to mix a little bit of everything into my blogs as I'm too off the charts to talk about a limited number of topics. I admire the people who only type about writing skills or their travels as I'll never be still enough to stick to a normal regimen. At least I know what my limits are.
A few times, I've asked you guys what you wanted me to blog about. I had gotten requests for info of my first experiences (like pitching and book contracts), plus the people who love to read about my corset making skills.
I try to keep it real as that's the only way I can make it these days. I've even gotten wise enough (giggle) to do some of these posts a month in advance as I have so much homework going on these days. Thank God for technology!
So, is there anything you want me to share on my blog? Are there any topics that you want me to check out for you? Do you want to guest blog on here? Tell me what you're thinking because you are my audience and I love you for that.
)))Corset Hugs(((
Ginny Lynn
Wench Writer

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