Monday, February 17, 2014

How I Unblock My Scenes

As a busy writer, I sometimes leave my scenes for weeks (months, cringe). This is because of  my working and attending college, so something has to give.

Once, I left a character bleeding and broken on the edge of her bathroom tub, for almost six months. Needless to say, she was not pleased when I found the time to get her curvy butt off of the fixture. I knew that I needed to get her out of there but she was giving me the silent treatment. I'm surprised she didn't lose her limbs from them falling to sleep quicker than Snow White.

After that, I learned a few tools to get myself back into the feeling of the manuscript.

1. I always try to leave myself a paragraph (or three) a the bottom of each manuscript so I know where I am in the story and where I need to focus.

2. When that doesn't help, or I'm fighting writer's block, once I have a spare moment to writer, I figured something else out. I start writing or typing every little thing that could possibly happen in the scene. Say that same young lady was not talking to me after I left her in that bathroom, go figure, I would then read the paragraph I left myself as a note. If she still isn't warming up to me, then I would start going over everything that I could possibly do to her, like: have a goblin run in, have the sprinkler go off on her, leave her with no towels, have someone walk in on her....etc. Then it becomes apparent what is the best, or worse thing (mwahahaha) to do to her.

Both of these have saved me on many an occasion, so I thought that while I further my writing tools, I can see if any of this helps my fellow writers.

Would you need something like this or do you have any tools that you could share that have helped you? Please let us know.

)))Corset Hugs((

                             Ginny Lynn
                           Wench Writer


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