Monday, February 24, 2014

I'm facing a fear

I've entered a few contests but not one with my own branch of RWA (Romance Writers of America). I'm a member of Georgia Romance Writers and we have an annual conference every October. It's called the Moonlight & Magnolia Conference and we invite others in our craft to speak about tools to improve our skills. 
This group is my foundation for turning my hobby into a side career. I wouldn't be a best selling author without the people in this group. They gave me the boost to pull my manuscripts out of the closet and share them with publishers. It's my growth with them that got me to Secret Cravings Publishing, where I found a home in the publishing world. 

Most of you know that I'm busier than a mosquito at a nudist colony. Between school, a 40 hr a wk day job, family, and writing, I'm a hot southern mess. But, I am smiling :-). I have taken a few minutes to write (on days when the teacher isn't poking holes in my attention span) and currently have 2.3 finished manuscripts that I'm going to be submitting. But this hasn't left me much time to promote the two that are currently out there. I'm going to see what I can do about that.

Here's where the fear comes in.
I've decided to submit both of my novels to our local contest. YIKES! I know the talent that I'm surrounded by in this group but I'm throwing mine into the mix anyway. Yes, there's a big chance that I won't win as I'm in awe of the competition, but I'm doing it. It's like winning the lottery. You know that the chance is slim but you won't win anything if you don't actually get the ticket. Right?

So, I'll have months to wonder about it (like when we submit queries for our manuscripts) but my nerves are used to being strung tighter the the tightrope over the Grand Canyon. The fact is that I'm looking fear in the beady little eyes and seeing where I land. If nothing else, I conquered my thoughts on not being "Worthy Enough" as being published already shows that I hit that mark. It may even give me the boost to push other limits that are aiming for my comfort zone but those can't be faced until after I graduate. Fear isn't setting that line in the sand but my psych is too thin to push my luck. I have my goals and I'm smiling at them.
So what fear is hiding under your fictional bed? Do you need a hand to hold? Are you too worried about what others will think of your attempts? Does it matter, in the grand scheme of things?
Talk to me.

)))Corset Hugs(((

Ginny Lynn
Wench Writer

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