Monday, May 11, 2015

Second Week Snippets - To Have and Too Bold

A Snippet From my published paranormal romance
To Have and Too Bold:

“Am I to understand that our engagement party is tomorrow?”

“Is that what has you so upset?”
“Is it?” I repeated sternly.
“Yes. Wait, tell me you knew.”
I shook my head.
“Shit. What did your father tell you?”
“He gave the impression that I had a couple of weeks to get used to the idea.”
Allastair lowered his forehead until it hit the post with a soft thunk. Then he sighed.
“Some of this makes sense now.”
He set himself on the opposite end of the mattress. “I was under the impression that you were involved in all of this or had been told and was considering yourself on strike. Now I see that you were clueless of the plan’s details.”
“Okay, so he lied to you as well?”
“Obviously so.”
“How can we base a marriage on lies and false mirrors?”
“I don’t know, but we have to do the best we can.”
“You still mean to go through with this? Why?”

“I’ve already explained that we have to bond the past of our clans.”
“No, damn it. What do you get out of this?”
“I honestly want peace.”
“I don’t believe that you’re so honorable that you are forgoing any wishes you had for the future in order to go about claiming world peace. Tell me another reason.”
“Why can’t you let it go?” He asked with a tone riding frustration.
“This is my life and you want me to just let it go? And this is why I have so much of a problem getting my head wrapped around this. You don’t know me so how the hell do you think that you can ask me to become a robot for your own pleasure? I’m so fed up with this ridiculous arrangement that I feel like the minute I fall prey to this that I will lose everything that is myself.”
“Yes, you are essentially a sacrifice. We both are. Can you live with that?”
“Ugh! Tell me something selfish that you get out of this, you overbearing asshole. For the love of Rah, what the hell do you want for your own improper needs because I know something is behind all of this?”
“Fine. You sure that you want to force this subject?”
He was suddenly in my face, a bare inch from my nose. His scent rushed around me as it swirled with my anger.
I nodded as I breathed deeply. I caught another scent as he came toward me, lust.
His lips were on mine and I was banged against the wood of my bed. I heard a low growl and the pillow was wrenched away from me. I barely heard it hit the floor before his weight was on me as his mouth bruised mine.
“This is something that I’ve wanted for years and I aim to have it.”
I went to protest and his lips sealed against mine so no sound could come from them. I felt his tongue tentatively trace my bottom lips. The air changed and he was kissing me as if it was the very first kiss he’d ever experienced. I knew that to be false but it evoked feelings in me of stolen moments and tender embraces. At least, what I imagined them to be. I may be a bookworm but I was a romantic at heart. I wanted all the trappings of a passionate love affair, one to last for eternity. Instead, I had a devilishly handsome man who had no other immediate plan than to make me his sacrificial lamb to our broken society.
Then he said something that stopped all coherent thoughts or imprisoned anger.
“Calinda, please kiss me.”

With those words I was lost. I complied.

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