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Lying Through Her Fangs - Scene 8

Lying Through Her Fangs
Scene 8

“Look at me, Hael.” I felt the cold of her hand on mine.
I turned to face her in the elevator door as it closed on the store, then her eyes dilated like a deer caught in flight. Her voice changed. I have no word for it other than power, like when your boss enters the boardroom. The sounds have meaning and purpose to them, instead of flirts or barbs.
“Listen to my voice and hear my wishes. I need a fake boyfriend for an event and I’ve chosen you. You’ll do as I ask and my friends and coworkers will never be the wiser. I won’t hurt you and you’ll have a wonderful time. As a matter of fact, you won’t even remember this discussion when we part ways in the next two weeks. Do you understand?”
That cut things to the point. You expected games and teases when you met up with a woman. I was unsure of how to take that so I hid my insecurity and pushed my mind forward.
Was this an exotic woman who was crazy cool or simply crazy in the head? She didn’t act like the latter so my gut was to stick with her and see where this leads me. What could it hurt? Just looking at her was enough to stir my molasses-in-January libido. She was tall for a woman but looked like a lithe Bond girl with her mesmerizing gaze, hypnotic voice, and graceful curves. Her long hair was chocolate wave across her shoulders and her legs seemed to go for miles in her linen slacks. If she wore a short skirt, the sight might kill a man.
I mirrored the serious tone in her statement. “Yes, Xylia. It’ll be my honor to escort you.”
She shook herself slightly, like changing mental gears mid-sentence just as the doors opened on the bottom floor.
“After you, my dear.” I waved her in front of me.
And the view was worth it. This is why men chose chivalry, because women always walked in front of us. Besides, gawking is tacky.
There was something about the way she held herself that reinforced my gut feeling that she was no psycho lady in disguise. My instincts rarely led me astray.
“Would you like to go to the food court and grab something? It gives us some time to talk a little more.”
She considered it for a moment.
“Unless you’d like a more intimate restaurant?” Had I insulted her with my idea for fast food when I just wanted to be around her a few more moments?
“How about the diner?” she asked.
“Perfect.” The white and red of the corner restaurant had vinyl seats and fake jukeboxes on every table. It made you want to order a malt, just for nostalgia’s sake.
We walked side by side most of the way and my surprise was when we were seated she didn’t hesitate to place her order.
“I’ll have a water, a rare cheeseburger, and a strawberry shake.” All was brisk but accompanied by a warm smile.
She was high class, but a man loved a woman who knew what she wanted. If she liked camping and beer then she’d be a God send. But based on what I knew so far, I’d bet she was more the glass of wine by her fireplace type.
Then the waitress got my attention, “Yes. I’ll have a root beer and a mushroom cheeseburger with fries.” Staying active in the fresh air gave me the right to eat junk food on occasion.
“So, what do you do, Hael?” She asked after the waitress left.
Here we go, the how much do you make topic. Will she ask what kind of car I drive and where I went to college, too?
Keeping my eyes from rolling, I answered. “I own my own landscaping company that does anything from pools to private gardens.” I stated flatly.
“That explains how you look so healthy and tan.”
“Same question to you,” I said as her frothy shake arrived with our burgers.
“I’m an accountant at the main blood bank for Atlanta.” A small smile graced her lips.
My surprise must have shown on my face. She chuckled before she bit into her cheeseburger.
“You must get that reaction all the time as it seems that you’re more cover girl model than an accountant.”
“It shocks everyone. Let’s just say that I’m not the typical downtown Atlanta kind of girl.”
“I guess you’ll tell me all the interesting facts about yourself as we progress forward?” I asked her as she neatly ate the messy burger.
“That will happen from time to time.” She quietly laughed. “Tell me more.”
“I’m an only child, love seeing things being created, live in Dunwoody, adore animals and kids. I’ve never been married but came close once after college. No baggage there other than being careful not to have a woman with a roving eye. My bad habits are staying up way too late, being a workaholic, and being a loner.”
“Interesting. I live in Decatur, am independent but I do have a few close friends in my life. My job causes me to have to go to benefits and functions when I’d rather be in the office looking at ways to help the community. Bad habits, hmm. I don’t do mornings and work a later shift at my job. No marriages and I never even came close. My parents passed away before they could even try to set me up with someone, as was their custom.”
“I’m sorry about your parents. I’m guessing you’re from over seas,” I offered while I accepted a drink refill from the waitress.
“It was long ago and I’m settled with it. Yes, they were Algerian, so that was normal for them but I’ve remained stubbornly single.”
They discussed a few details about their jobs while they finished the meal.
I stepped in when she asked what her portion of the tab was. “I’ve got it,”
“We just met. You’re not buying my lunch,” she replied.
“You can simply owe me, especially if we’re going to be seeing each other again.” I snatched the bill up and handed it to the waitress staring at us.
“So it’s like that?” The gleam in her dark eyes was a warm challenge.
I bent over the table and was just inches from her nose when I playfully replied. “It’s just like that.”
There was a look of doubt in her eyes as she held my gaze, like she had something she wanted to say.
“What?” I asked, waiting for her to tell me she had rethought the situation.
“Nothing.” She looked away and fumbled with her phone before we got up from the table.
“I’m good. Here’s my number and I’ll text you on us meeting up to get our outfits together.”
“Because I wouldn’t have a suit or tuxedo, right?” I saved her umber in my phone and had her do the same with mine.
            “Do I apologize for my wrong assumption?” She asked as she stood up from the table.
“None needed and yes, I have a suit but no tux. I’m guessing I’ll need one?”
She nodded solemnly at me. “And as it’s my event that you’re attending, I pay for the trimmings. Can you handle that?”
“So, it’s like that?”
“It is,” she answered with a smirk on her lovely face.
My gut just telegraphed a message that I’d be dumb to pass this up . I may not believe in true love but lust and friendship were obtainable. Who needed love when you had happiness and a hot woman wanting your attention?
“I’m at your disposal.”
)))Corset Hugs(((
Ginny Lynn
Wench Writer

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