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Lying Through Her Fangs - Scene 9

Lying Through Her Fangs
Scene Nine

Xylia P.O.V.
Hael walked me to the entrance nearest my car. Then, as I turned to say goodbye, guilt slammed into me like a football player. How could I play the part of a puppet master by making someone jump through all these hoops just for my own vanity? A human being a meal was a use on a small scale as things go but this was taking over a good chunk of a stranger’s life. Looking at this gorgeous and kind man, I couldn’t justify being that self-absorbed and greedy.
“We need to talk. I think I’ve made a mistake.” A trio of people dodged around my still form as I stood by the doorway.
“What did I do? We were just okay not three minutes ago.” Hael looked as puzzled as I felt.
“This isn’t the place. Walk me to my car.” I led the way to my sedan and I heaved a sigh of relief when I noticed not many cars parked around it.
I clicked the fob for the doors to automatically open and slid into the driver’s seat without even looking to see if he was coming around the other side. Once in, I took a few moments in the hopes that would make this easier, but it didn’t.
The car lowered when his weight was added to the seat beside me. I opened my eyes and looked at him once he stopped moving in the passenger seat.
“Is this where you say it’s not you, it’s me?” Hael asked before the words had gathered in my head.
That was better than the breath exercise but not by much.
“Yes and let me tell you why.” Then I paused. Where the hell do I start in this scenario?
He slumped into the leather upholstery. “It can’t be that you’re afraid of me. You just invited me to sit in your car.”
“Point to you.” I stated flatly. He was right on the fact that I had invited him in my car but he didn’t know that he should be the one afraid. I leaned my head against the head rest for a moment. “I’m not afraid. It’s so complicated that the right descriptions elude me.”
“Okay, we’ll baby step it and see if it all makes sense.” He calmly ran his fingers over the dustless dash of my car.
“Steps, well, let’s see.” I had a hard time keeping eye contact all of a sudden so I looked at my nails on the steering wheel.
“I’m alone in my life. I work and then I go home except for work related night events or the days I go to the local bar to unwind.”
“You’re an alcoholic?” He offered in a soft tone.
“I drink but I don’t have an actual drinking problem.”
“Most alcoholics don’t think they have a problem.”
Yes, I have a drinking problem but it’s for blood and not spirits.
No way in hell was I saying that when I was about to rip the compulsion away. It would be a waste of words that were already hard to form in my boggled mind of guilt.
“Wrong start, back to being alone.”
“Okay, you’ve established that you’re independent and a workaholic. Is that fair?”
“Yes but after many years of being like this, my friends and coworkers all wonder if I’m turning into the cliché of being a crazy old cat lady. Literally.”
“So you’ve had enough of the comments and want to bring someone in to shut them all up.”
“Exactly but it’s all a freaking lie!” My hands smacked the steering wheel.
“Not if you are actually dating someone, it’s not. You just made it happen instead of it being a natural thing. What’s the problem with that?”
            “Seriously, I’m making you rework any plans you may have and shoe horning my way in for my own benefit. That’s just plain wrong.” I met his eyes and he seemed so calm. How could he be this blasé about the whole thing? Was he normally this way or was it due to my compulsion being in the elevator?
“Not if I allow it.”
“I’m making you do this. You had a life of your own until I clotheslined you in the store. You can’t deny that.”
“I’m still a consenting adult.”
“Not when I compelled you to be accepting of my plan. Once that happened, you lost all rights to your own persona as long as it interferes with my agenda.”
“You asked and I agreed. Seems simple to me.”
“Because I took your free will away from you!” Damn, I was frustrated with this nonsense.
“Whatever. You said what you wanted and I am going along for the ride so why not just fly with it?”
“Ugh, how can you tell me it’s fine when I made it so you couldn’t be anything BUT fine with it?”
He shrugged and I didn’t know if I wanted to shake him or kiss him. Was this what it was like for other people? Of course not because I’m a freaking blood sucker and a wimp.
I counted to ten and then took the only action that my guilt would allow me.
“Hael,” he met my gaze. “You have your free will and don’t have to go out with me. In fact, you can forget any of this if you want. You’re a sexy hot man that I’d love to have met under other circumstances but I just can’t do this to you. I can’t be selfish and step into your life like I belong there. You’re a great guy and I appreciate you putting up with my insanity.”
Then I blinked the power away.
“You can go about your night, Hael.” I patted the hand he had on his left thigh and wished I was doing the right thing.
“Alright and know that this will all look better after a night of sleep. Try to have a great night.” He answered before he got out of the car.
Once he walked back into the mall, I hit the speed dial on my phone.
“Christianna, I bombed out at the mall. Hit up whoever you have at the escort agency and give me a call later when you have a moment.”

May the odds be in my favor.
)))Corset Hugs(((
Ginny Lynn
Wench Writer

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