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Lying Through Her Fangs - Scene Ten

Lying Through Her Fangs
Scene Ten
Hael’s POV
What was with that weird comment about compelling?
I shook my head as I watched her sleek sedan leave the parking lot.
She is the most beautiful, eccentric lady I’ve ever met and somehow I must know her.
She was different from the other women I had pursued with her candid discussions and need to fill the corners of her life. We were both work driven and single. And better yet, no talk of long term commitments. That was a road that I was never traveling down again, no matter how nice of a roadster she appeared to be.
Wonder what kind of panties she wears?
With those legs, I bet she’d look great in nothing but a lace thong. Maybe a garter belt. My dick pushed against my fly and I shook the fantasy from my head. It had to be some strange chemistry because the woman just had me spellbound. Was it pheromone perfume? I have to get whatever it was nailed down and see if I felt the same with it out of the equation. The idea was tabled for later.

The fancy event wasn’t my thing but I was game to see what she was like in a different setting. Besides, maybe I’d get lucky for my trouble. If the night was a total bomb, I’d get out of there faster than a nun in a brothel. My broken heart had taught me that there should always be an escape plan and I had been success in keeping those jagged pieces from being crushed.
Love was a blessing and a curse. If you give someone all of yourself, to the core, then there were only particles left when that one person broke you. After two years of dating and a romantic engagement, I caught Melanie in the arms of my boss and mentor. I lost my fiancé and my job that day.
By the time I’d pooled every cent I had to start a home-based business; the place where my heart should be was nothing but a void. Triumph had been bittersweet when my company had thrived and the physical relationship I had walked in on had broken up just that week. Now there was money in my pocket, a new roof over my head, and an empty bed that didn’t belong to anyone but me. Life had been good and I meant it to stay that way. No long term relationships, no second mortgage for a fancy wedding, and no more pain over people that thought I was disposable.
 I made my way to the tux rental store and stepped up to the man at the small desk.
“How can I help you?”
Todd was printed on the name tag.
“Todd, I’m Hael. I’m looking for a tuxedo rental. I need the whole outfit from penguin top to shiny shoes.”
“Yes, sir. Look through this brochure and see which one appeals to you. We can then get your size and the date you need the tuxedo.”
Flipping through our mealtime discussion, the gala was the Saturday after this one but no time was mentioned.
“I’d need it October 15th but no clue on time. It’s for some fancy benefit they’re doing for the corporate blood bank.”
“Oh, we have another order for that night so maybe it’s the same event. You could play it safe and pick it up at 3pm?” Todd was eager to make this sale.
“Sound reasonable. Give me a minute to look over the options.” Hael tapped the slick portfolio of dapper mean in black and white tuxedos.
No tails! Those were for prom or weddings.
“This one.” My finger tapped the page advertising Calvin Klein.
“The black two button notch? Good choice, sir. Let’s get your measurements and then you can pick out coordinating colors. What color is her dress?”
Todd had me out of my light jacket and my arms out like a bird in flight while he dipped around me with his white tape measure.
“Todd, I’m going to disappoint you again.” I looking like the clueless stereotype but there was hope. “She told me she wanted to buy a new dress for the event and no color was mentioned.”
“That leaves little time for alterations unless she can wear things off the rack,” Todd mentioned around a pencil held between his teeth as he bent for my inseam.
Thank God my erection had gone down.
“Then I would recommend a simple black and white with no additional colors. You won’t want to clash with her dress. We have a few options to change the color of the shirt, tie and cummerbund to make it fit your style.”
“Most guys wear a white shirt with black tie and band so let’s deviate from that just a bit.”
“You can do what I call a half and half. It’s all white on the first layer and black for the pants and jacket. See?”
Todd flipped the page I had pointed to and showed the various changes you could make and he had nailed my pic without even knowing me. It was perfect and less stuffy than the regular tuxedos I’d seen without being a stand out. I had learned many moons ago that you never try to compete in the looks department with your date. And this woman was too pretty to be an accountant let alone on a date with back yard loving me.

But man was I going to see what the night had in store for me, I chalked Xylia up to being different due to her heritage. I just wasn’t familiar with her ways of life. Yea, that was it. 
)))Corset Hugs(((
Ginny Lynn
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