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Lying Through Her Fangs - Scene 11

Lying Through Her Fangs
Scene Eleven
Xylia’s P.O.V.
A few days later, I was back at the mall to shop for my dress.  
What look did you shoot for when you paid a man to act as if he likes you?
He was so devastatingly hot that I hated myself for having enough of a conscience to uncompel him. If this was an ordinary date then I would have honed in on the sexiest dress that the mall could produce. It wasn’t fair that I met such a great guy to ruin it all with being what I am. The fates were laughing out loud at my romantic endeavors, no doubt.
If I kept shaking my head every time I went over the ridiculousness of my situation, I’d have the adult version of shaken baby syndrome. I could have gone to the large chain bridal shop for my evening gown, but I didn’t have the guts to tell anyone the reason for my last minute shopping excursion. My plan had been to hit the major stores and then the coffee shop if I needed reinforcements.
Vampires need to make a night time coffee shop. It would need a name like Fang’s Frapps or Crypt Coffee Cafe. 
I’d like an Iced Coffin Bait with non-fat O positive please.
That needs to be what I do when I lose my accountant job for being a liar and total fake.
            But enough procrastinating. I shoved myself from my warm leather upholstery and out in the mild night. I’d parked at the entrance closest to the women’s department this time and waltzed into the atmosphere of woven cotton and rose based perfumes.
            My eyes were drawn to the far left where sparkles reigned on an assortment of metal racks. I knew I wanted a long gown so I avoided the shorter dresses made for teens. Closer to the dressing room was a selection of more mature dresses with ritzy price tags. I flipped through sequins, gold lame, chiffon, and taffeta, but none seemed spectacular enough to wow a gigolo who had probably seen it all. And because it was work related, I couldn’t go all diva pop star. I at least wanted to appear as a confident, attractive woman with business savoir faire.
            The next thirty minutes were spent discarding dress after dress for lack of sex appeal. I scrutinized the rest of that department but found absolutely nothing. The cosmetics department barely got a polite nod as I stomped past them and their blending powders and eye primer.
            The coffee shop was a few doors from the next department store so I indulged myself in a large java chip frappe. Instant mood lift. I strolled past a lovely shoe store that had high heels of all colors on glass shelves in the display window. Once I got my hands on a suitable evening gown, I’d hit that place up for coordinating shoes. I guess my mind had been focused on getting a date, instead of getting together a whole look for the benefit. Geez.
            “Well, hello Xylia Natouri.” A deep voice behind me jolted me, mid-lap, out of the whipped cream on my beverage.
            I swallowed and quickly wiped my bottom lip.
Please don’t’ let me have any smeared on my face. Please, please, please.
            “Hael? What are you doing here?” I snapped the plastic lid back on my drink so it wouldn’t slosh on my sky blue skinny jeans.
            I’m such an idiot!
            “Do I ask if you come here often?” He looked at me with questions in his gaze.
            “Um, I’ve still got to get my outfit for the benefit so here I am.”
            I should have had him forget me altogether when I took the compulsion back. Had I fucked this up?
            “Weren’t you supposed to contact me? Or did I misunderstand?” His brow wrinkled and he has fidgeting with his belt loops.
            I stared at my cup like it had all the answers that I needed. I was a vampire, not a psychic. Auras didn’t do crap for this particular problem, other than inform me that Hael was cautious about this situation. Well, that made both of us. I was clueless as to how I had screwed this up so badly.
            “Didn’t I talk to you about that, before we left? You know, in my car?” I was stammering like an idiot.
“I thought you were kidding. I kept telling you I wasn’t pushed into anything no matter how charming your ways of persuasion were. If you hadn’t been so cute about it, I would’ve argued till the sun came up. Either way, I’m here and you’re here so let’s get this going.” Hael extended his elbow to me.
If I could have been floored, then I would have but my vampire senses were working against my adopted human habits. Vampires don’t faint but it would have been an interesting way out of this mess.
His aura changed to light pink with an edge of teal. His eyes lasered into mine in determination. A muscle twitched up at the top of his neck, by his ear.
“You’re set on this. Going with me.” It was an affirmation, not a question. Even his scent changed with the increase in his pulse.
I linked my arm and enjoyed the warmth of his body.
“I’m a man of my word. Unless you got a better offer from someone else?”
I shook my head at him, causing some of my hair to land in my eyes. His calloused hand brushed it out of my way and the skim of touch against my cheekbone caused me to shiver.
The truth was best. “No. No better offers.”
I’d have to leave Christianna a message to call off the dog from the escort pound.
)))Corset Hugs(((
Ginny Lynn
Wench Writer

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