Monday, October 17, 2016

Lying Through Her Fangs - Scene Twelve

Lying Through Her Fangs

Scene Twelve
Hael’s P.O.V.
She’d been standing there with her little pink tongue in a white mound of whipped cream and my gut had clenched at the mere sight. Being around her was like an episode of The Twilight Zone and a walking wet dream. Why did this woman not have a man in her life? Was I walking into a nightmare driven by high heels and jaw dropping legs? But I’d take many more hours of unexpected conversations to get the chance to feel those sinful looking lips on mine.
She was surprised to see me but had covered it well. My questioned hadn’t been answered but I currently had her on my arm as we headed back into the land of racks and annoying sales clerks. I directed her to a back corner where sequins glittered like damned Christmas trees but she stopped in her tracks.
“What’s wrong?” I asked when we stopped rocking on our heels at the abrupt stop.
“I’ve already been in here and nothing struck my fancy.” Her eyes scanned the expanse as if looking for something new to focus on.
“Wanna head to a different store or keep looking around here?”
“Either one but I’m just not thinking I’m going to find anything suitable at this late of a date.”
“The other night you were very gung ho and had me agreeing to wear a tux for you.” I made a scene at looking all around her. “Where did she go?”
She smirked. “I think she got befuddled by a hot guy and lost her marbles.”
That was something I wanted to hear. We both felt the pull of our chemistry and I wouldn’t lie that it wasn’t good to know.
“Let’s walk around to see if there’s anything worthy in here and then we’ll head to another store.”
She nodded and her waves bounced around her face. It would look great spread across my pillows, if I was lucky enough to see it.
When she didn’t seem to be getting enthusiastic about any dresses that we passed, I veered her off that track and down a few doors.
“Do I need to buy you another coffee? That last one left a sexy smile on your face.”
“If I don’t find a dress soon then I’ll need severe amounts of caffeine to get myself together.”
“That’s a bald-faced lie, woman. Looking at you, I’d say you’ve never had a hair out of place that didn’t look amazing. Why do women put themselves into these situations over looks anyway?”
By the time the words got out of my mouth, I had walked a couple of steps passed her unmoving body. She had an eerie way of resembling a statue when she did that.
“I wasn’t trying to offend you. I really do want to know why women feel the need to outdo all other women in the same area code. Why can’t you be more like men?”
“Women are vain. Yea, I’ll give you that. But most of us want to feel beautiful, not make every woman in the room hate each other. We’re our own worst critics and women can be cattier than the lion’s den at the zoo.”
“Maybe it’s my lack of estrogen. I still don’t get it.” I shrugged.
“When your lady walks into a room and your jaw drops, don’t you like that?”
“Sure, what guy doesn’t?”
“Then you should understand why we do these things.”
The gleam in her eye told me she wasn’t pissed at my questioning and she waved me ahead to the store we had stopped at. Then something hit me like lighting.
“I have an idea. You may not know me very well but just trust me on this. Hold on.” I don’t know why I didn’t think of it earlier.
I thumbed through the business cards in my wallet and found what I was looking for. This was a long shot but worth the effort. Dialing the number, there was an answer on the third ring.
“Fran, are you working tonight? Are you booked? Wonderful. I’ll see you in five with two clients.”
I shut the phone and looked at the sexy thing next to me. “Wanna try your luck with a stranger?”
Her eyebrows shot up and her emotions of fear and surprise rolled across her face.
“I don’t know how to answer that.”
“What if I came up with a way for you to not only get a dress but have the whole outfit practically plotted out for you?”
“I’d have to kiss you, but that’s not likely to happen. The event is this coming weekend and I’m in a mall with one third of my options used up.”
“Is a moment of trust too much to ask? Come on. What do you have to lose?”
 His innocent boy next door look he shot her way must have won her over. I’m a guy with a decent sales pitch when I’m totally committed to a great looking item.
“So, what’s this big secret and where do we go?”
“Down to the end of the walkway and through a few departments. Let’s go.”
I offered my hand and when she slowly accepted with her cool palm,  a jolt of awareness shot through my body.
“Lady, prepare to strip because I have you a personal shopper.”

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Ginny Lynn
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