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The first book that I ever wrote

Drum Roll Please!

This is my newest release and it only took me 20+ years to get it out there for you guys.

Just to be Left Alone is for sale on ebook through Secret Cravings Publishing, Barnes & Noble, Amazon, Bookstrand, and All Romance. I honestly have no preferences, just buy it :-). (While you're at it, get Andromeda, too.)

Other than the sexy cover, thanks to Dawne Dominique, I have equally hot snippets for you guys to fan yourselves over. Samantha Malone has disaster following her as she lusts over the new stranger who rides into her chaotic life.
Jason Strickland: Psycho Ex
Before I could even breathe, his lips were on mine in a crushing kiss. The force of it smacked my head against the window. I moaned at the sudden pain in my skull. Though it wasn’t a noise of satisfaction on my part, the mere sound made him more aggressive. He leaned into me, his chest pressed against me and his legs on both sides of mine. My arms were pinned down by his. I gulped for air as he kept kissing at my neck.
“Jason, stop it.”
“Samantha, don’t act like this. I can’t make the evening better if you keep fighting me.”
He pushed me back against the window and tried to kiss me again, except I just couldn’t take it, not anymore.
“Jason, please stop. I just want to go home. We’ll talk about this some other time, okay?” The tears began to fall.
He looked liked he would hit me. I cringed.
“What do you mean you want to go home? I’ve been waiting for tonight for a long time. I think it’s about time we moved things to a more physical level. You can’t keep me waiting forever.”
“I’m sorry if you feel that this has all been a game, but it’s not. Just please let me go and I’ll get out of your hair. You won’t even have to take me home.”
“Out of my hair, you say? Samantha, you’re through my skin and in my blood. I wake up thinking of your skin against mine and this is the way you want things?”
He looked so hurt and betrayed but held me so tight that my breath hitched. I didn’t know how to react. I back pedaled.
“Look, I know you’ve had a rough week and needed to blow off some steam, but this isn’t it. Why don’t I just go back into the restaurant and call for a ride. You can go on home and get some rest.”
“No, I brought you here and I’m taking you home. Quit giving me this crap talk, you sound like Felicia. We’re going to finish this night, just like I planned, so quit looking at me like that.”
He tried kissing me again. I wrenched away.
“Stop being a bitch.”
He kissed me so hard that I tasted my own blood from his teeth grinding against my tender lips. Instinct kicked in. I brought my knee up as hard as I could. He cussed and bent over. I tried to back away from the door. He grabbed me in an instant. I looked at his face. It was as if a split personality had surfaced. This wasn’t the same sweet, patient Jason I’d been dating. This was a raging bull and I was nothing but red. I saw his other hand come toward me and I ducked, but I never felt anything. I looked out from behind my arm to see the tall man in motorcycle gear holding Jason’s wrist. He was larger than Jason, with black hair and gorgeous eyes.
“I think the lady wants to be left alone,” the stranger said.
“Buddy, you have no business here so I suggest you let go and buzz off on your tricycle.”
Jason tried to shake off the grip of the dark haired man, but failed. The stranger stepped closer to Jason, while he looked straight at me.
“Do you want this guy to take this evening any further?”
All I could do was stand there and shake my head at the man helping me out.
Conrad Forsythe: Shining White Knight
He admired the expanse of my legs as I hopped up into the seat. His hand immediately went to my thigh as he pulled me to him for a hard kiss.
“You look mighty tasty in that outfit, my dear,” Conrad said as he casually looked down at the skirt that had ridden up when I had gotten in the truck.
I didn’t even pull it back into place since I enjoyed him admiring my legs. Who cares if it was only three inches away from showing my underpants, no one else could see it. I snickered as I imagined myself wearing this another day, except purposely forgetting the underpants.
I told him just as much. The truck swerved.
“Wow, I didn’t think I’d get that kind of response.”
“Young lady, that was dangerous. Try to keep those thoughts to yourself when I’m driving.”
I reached over to pat his right knee and he smiled at me.
When we got to the restaurant it was later than the normal lunch time. We got seated at a booth in a sunny corner and heard slow country music playing over the speakers. We quickly ordered and sent the waitress on her way. We talked about ourselves as we listened to the soothing music.
Our food showed up, but we kept up the conversation. We even tried each other’s food. I had gotten the blue cheese filet and he had ordered the Hawaiian ribeye.
“Dreams. What dreams do you have?” I asked.
“Lately, wet ones.”
I choked on my potato.
“Okay, breathe.”
He patted me on the back as I chugged down enough water to get my lungs clear.
“Wow, seriously?” I asked between gasps of air.
“Yes, seriously.”

Giggle. Yes, I went there. ;-)
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  1. Wow! That was a great excerpt, definitely got me wanting more...

    1. Thanks, Chynarey. I like you wanting more.
      ))) Corset Hug (((
      Ginny Lynn

  2. Hi Ginny Lynn,
    I finally figured out where to comment. Only twenty years to print, then it has to be fabulous. Is that you on the tombstone on the banner? If so, I admire your balance.
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    1. Yes, that's magic placing me on that tombstone. Well aged? You tell me. ;-)

  3. Ginny, that was an awesome excerpt!! I loved it!!
    Tricia Andersen