Monday, October 20, 2014

Expressing Yourself

Expressing yourself is such an easy thing that you don't even realize that you're doing it. Some expressions are wordless and yet they scream with meaning. Others are like a shoe waiting to drop. Do your hands say more than your words as you flap them around in excitement?

 In life, we can pout with a simple extension of our lower lip and it's unmistakable. As we get stressed out it could come about in the form of a vein that is protruding from your sweaty forehead. When my blood pressure goes up, whether from pain or stress, my nose lights up light a Rudolph WannaBe.

How do you express yourself? Do you stomp your foot when no one seems to be listening to you? Is there a "tell" that shows when you're bored, other than yawning rudely in someone's face? Do your eyes roll as someone talks your ears off? Do you get visibly tense in your shoulders when you're ready to run from the anxiety riddle room? Does your body become one with the wall corner as you aspire to fade into the scenery? Is agitation rippling off of you in waves when you flex your fists at an annoying item of discussion?

Now, I ask you, did this all come cross as realistic and scenic? Did you get the picture of these expressions from the use of my words? I hope so, because if not, I failed. 

This was my tip for  the day. The words on the page of your novel should convey feelings even though you do't have an actor portraying the words in your dialogue. A movie can show you every feeling under the rainbow but can your book do the same without it seeming mundane? This is where you have to use power words instead of just getting by with the usual way of describing normal every day things. 

If I had said, bottom lip sticking out or my nose simply going a little red then it wouldn't have been as informative or descriptive as the way I started all of this out.  I had to amp it up to get the words to convey the expression. Sometimes it can take the use of a thesaurus to get the right word for what your characters are feeling in that simple ink dialogue.

It's just words but we owe ourselves the liberty to express how we really feel, fictionally or in person. The world would be boring beyond words if we couldn't spice things up a bit (pun intended). As a writer, I'm nowhere near the Land of Boring, so I have to make these words count. I'm getting better at it and I hope it's paying off.

)))Corset Hugs(((

Ginny Lynn
Wench Writer

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