Monday, December 8, 2014

Second Week Snippets - My newest venture

This is an unedited snippet from my WIP (work in progress). It's a new venture for me but I'm willing to see where this will take me. I'd like to hear what you think.

It was a brisk night that blew the rusty leaves into my hair and a chill to my fingertips. Of course my thin trench coat wasn't substantial enough to withstand anything under forty degrees, so I shivered in my worn denim jeans and long sleeve blouse. But I needed a moment of courage to step up to the imposing steel front door with enormous lion knocker that was at eye level for the average adult. Average, that was me in a nutshell, except for the visions that I got. Those were enough to have ruined my chances of already being married as my last doozy had been when a gentleman caller was attempting to kiss me goodnight. I had resulted in screaming at my internal screenplay as his cool lips had brushed across mine, then I had fainted. Thank God he had revived me before he’d run for the hills. I was still beating my head against the wall on that particularly embarrassing moment in my loveless life. It had gotten frequent enough on my visions that sex hadn't been tried in over three years. I was even afraid to head into a sex toy shop as I might have an episode in the swing aisle.
I said a silent prayer as I reached a shaky hand to the cold steel knocker. The door began to creek with wind and age as the first pound toned throughout the wind filled doorway. I had stepped back just as the door shook with the effort of someone pulling it open. My heart leapt into my whimpering throat as the door creaked open a sliver. I paused for a still second and saw that no one was in the breath of drafty space that was being sucked into the gloomy interior of the back-lit foyer.
“Um, hel-lo?” I stuttered the question, waiting for someone to pop up in my presence.
No reply came back. No scuttle of feet was heard to prove that someone had actually opened the ancient door. I felt a stiff breeze push me into the open alcove, almost toppling me onto the white marble floor that met the floor before me.
)))Corset Hugs(((
Ginny Lynn
Wench Writer

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