Monday, January 26, 2015

Random Hilarious Books That Should Be Written (I jest)

The people who have a writer's soul inside of them know that we get random ideas all the time. My best ones are in the shower or while driving in traffic. Neither of those are conducive to getting them down in writing (unless injury is not a problem).

In that thinking, here are random ideas that I have gotten that could be worked into seriously funny tales of fiction.

1. He's a Werewolf Beta and she is the dog trainer at Petsmart, where she can also get him groomed at a discount. But will their love last longer than a new Nylabone? Who knows? Title: A Dog's Best Friend

2. She's an alien starfighter pilot and he's been kicked out the M.I.B. for not busting her. Now they have to team together to save the planet. Title: Fighting for love

3. He's a Wereshark and she is an Alaskan sailor looking for her biggest seafood catch. She gets it with one of his famous toothy grins. Title: Dental Impressions

4. Heroine busts female villain who has been selling stolen breast implants on the internet. But is their passion real or fake? Title:The Jugs Are Up

5. Pirate Buckler hasn't the heart to tell his crew that he's lost his love of the sea and instead wants to spend the rest of his days in a dingy with his best mate. Title: Sailing His Sea

6. Governor Ashland has peace treaties to sign but all he wants is a piece of the chieftain's daughter Straddled Legs. Will his wants ruin the cease fire? Title: Taboo Teepee

7. This lonely waitress just got the tip she'd been busting for and he was the new bank manager that was looking over her mortgage application. Service with a smile was her only way out of debt. Title: Today's Lunch Specials

8. He was a personal chief for the bitchiest vegan actresses in Hollywood. How could he fall for a woman who was leery of trying his special tofu sausage? Title: Diary of a Mad Cow Cook

9. In a world of fast food and faster lovers, she was the only one looking for a sweet little lady to score with. But how do you catch a sexy granny? Title: G.I.L.F.

10. He was a produce man at the top rated company for the entire state and his lover was the man over the shipping department. The problem was staying together when the world's worst frost has taken out the cucumber industry and profits are crashing down? Title: Squashed Desires

I hope you found this amusing and sorry if you are offended by my warped sense of humor as I don't judge anyone upon their sexuality, just their stupidness :-) Let me know if you're going to take any of these projects on, cuz that would be awesome. (No rights will be infringed as I'm just here to entertain you).

)))Corset Hugs(((
Ginny Lynn
Wench Writer

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