Monday, February 2, 2015

Wench Writer and her corsets

Corsets. Oh how I love corsets.  

This was the first one that I ever made and that was going on twelve years ago. And yes, she's still this pretty.

They can be short lined, long lined, heart shaped, Victorian, Edwardian, Modern Redo, Pinup, waist training.....all of it. I have had a passion for corsets since I was maybe eight years old. When I was small, I would get a week of every summer break to spend with my grandparents in Columbus, Georgia. My grandmother had tons of old Sears Roebuck Catalogs and I would sit for hours and just stare at the old ads. It wasn't that I wanted to have a eternally 19 inch waist but I loved the aspect of something sexy that made you look better than a Coke bottle in the slimmest of dresses. It was feminine and appealing to me. 

I know there are plenty of feminists that will argue over the need for any woman wearing something so constrictive to attract a man. They are allowed that opinion but that's not why I adore them. Nope. They just scream for me. It's like a woman who has to buy ten shoes all in different colors so an outfit will have different options. You can say it's my apparel weakness, of it makes you feel better. 
Add Granny Boots and an adorable little jacket and I am in clothing heaven. 
That being said, I took an offer to work at the Georgia Renaissance Festival again this year. I won't be at the pirate ship like a couple of years ago but I'm still excited about being out there in my gear. Like most of the people working there, I have my own costumes that I switch around depending on the them of the weekend. I have different styles but nowhere near the types that I'd like to add to my collection. This year I hope to make a couple more before the season starts but I have to get my patterns figured out so I can make these babies all my own. 
This one (below) was made especially for me to be Jessie from Toy Story for our Memorial Day Salute to Disney. Sadly, the material, although lovely, was not strong enough for flat steel boning. This was a learning experience as I could make one of these to fit my figure but had to do better with my fabric choices.
This red one was my first attempt at a zipper front version and I need to get a stronger zipper for it. It's sitting aside as I order what I need from a store in Norcross that can give me a reversible heavy duty zipper that will match my fabric nicely.  

 Below is a newer one that I had to do in this bonsai garden fabric. It's a green pinstripe on the other side, as that's my fav color. I have enough of this fabric to try one more version and then I have to move on to other patterns.

This bronze (with the other side being leopard) is my favorite out of all the ones that I have made to date. It's thick, sturdy, and makes a puuurfect addition to my wardrobe.
My hubby loves the green one that is Japanese brocade on one side and sage green faux suede on the other. After the rough days on board the ship (wood catching at it), I usually wear this one when I'm with my guy as I'm trying to make it last longer. 
Here are some ideas that I want to change up for my figure type. Eventually, I'll make the patterns out of newspaper and get to drafting up something special. It takes time, effort, and a lot of measuring to get these to fit you properly. And 
knowing that I could use a few years of sewing/designing lessons, I'm happy with what I've created so far. Yes, I sell them but right now I have a few orders to keep me busy for the rest of the year. When I start selling them again, I'll post it on here and Facebook.

Thanks and )))Corset Hugs((( 
Ginny Lynn, Wench Writer


  1. I like corsets as well, but don't wearing them as often as you. I think that a woman should wear what makes her feel good about her figure as well as allowing her to express herself. :)