Monday, February 16, 2015

Random things about me

Sometimes you guys are actually interested in who I am. If you are, then keep reading. If you're not, then maybe you'll have a laugh at my nonsense. (Shrug :-)

1. I'm allergic to bananas. I don't have to carry an epi-pen but they make me sick, literally. Every time my folks made me eat one as a child, I gave it back. Years later I found out that I don't process potassium as I should so I have to avoid anything rich in the stuff and watch myself for signs of dehydration. Yipee!

2. I wanted a boob job until I was in my mid thirties. Back in my teens, I was a pale Scottish girl with poached ages for breasts. Then, as I had more and more hormonal issues, they got larger. Now, I laugh at the old me as the new me has to look over the cleavage to see if my shoes are tied.

3. I started cooking at a very young age. We're talking that I couldn't even see over the counter. My dad would pick me up and set me on the counter so we could mix biscuits together.As that progressed (and I didn't cover him in flour) I made brownies and dumplings. I still remember it with fondness.

4. When I was ten years old, I wanted to be a flight attendant. It was the only way that I thought I would be able to travel around the world. Seeing as I was small for my age, I was told that I would meet the weight requirements that they had back then. I wanted fancy luggage and a chic uniform as I got to look at the Eiffel Tower, Big Ben, Hawaii, and the Rocky Mountains.

5. I had it figured out that I wanted to be married at 21, have my first kid by 23, and my second child by 26. Giggle. Silly me. I wanted a boy and a girl but never could figure out which I wanted to have first. Either way, my mom told me that the marriage had to come first.

6. As well as cooking, I was taught at a young age to crochet, sew, cross stitch, and do needle point. Later, I taught myself to knit and I have made several items for myself and loved ones. Many years later, corsets are still my favorite thing to sew even with them being intricate, layered, and hard to alter. It's a challenge that I love to meet.

Well, that's what I can think of right now. If you have any questions, you only have to ask.

)))Corset Hugs(((
Ginny Lynn
Wench Writer

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