Monday, February 9, 2015

Second Week Snippets

This is from a series that I'm writing. It's unpublished and I'm working on the second book as I look for a house that will accept it. Right now, it's plotted to be six books but I can easily turn it into eight as it's my favorite out of the items I have written so far. I'm so invested in it that I have slogans, and visions of it on a larger screen. It's my baby, so far, and I hope you will enjoy it.
“You said to make myself at home,” Silas said as he walked around my bedroom. “I haven’t seen it since you moved in. Nice digs.”
“Thanks, I guess it was a bit cliché to go with earth tones and animal prints, but I like it all the same,” I shrugged and tossed the clothes over the made bed as I took another bite of my sandwich.
He saw the leggings slide to the floor and bent to catch them. “Slinky, me like.”
“You sound very cavemen,” I laughed at him.
“Wow, do these really fit you? No offense, but you have way too many curves for a tiny pair of pants like this,” he remarked as he kept scanning them. He then grabbed up the top to glance over it as well.
“What are you doing?”
He laughed and simply stated, “I’m looking for the dangerous curves sign.”
I was thankful that I’d already swallowed my sandwich because Juan Valdez would’ve had company. “Land’s sake, gimme those.”
He handed me the outfit but didn’t let go. I just stared at him, then I felt his finger slide over my fingertips. I shivered. He let go. I tossed the pants back onto the bed.
“It was a joke, hun.”
I nodded, “I know.” I took a sip of water. I turned around and gasped when a spasm shot up between my shoulder blades.
“What’s wrong? Did you pull a muscle working out?” Silas asked as he put his sandwich down next to mine.
“No, it’s been stiff and I thought I‘d get by until I could book a massage,” my voice ended in a whisper as I felt his warm hands on my shoulders.
He turned me so my knees were touching the mattress of my mahogany canopy bed. My eyes closed as he felt for the knots under my clothes. I bit back a moan as he hit the worst one at the bottom of my sensitive neck. He positioned himself closer, the toes of his shoes touching the heels of mine.
“You are tense.”
“I believe I covered that already,” I said through my gritted teeth. This was torture, in a good way.
“How bad do you need it?” he asked in his own whisper.
I straightened my unconsciously stooped body.
“The massage, how bad do you need it?”
“Oh, badly, very badly,” Was he kidding?
“Lay down. I’ll give it to you. It’ll have to be a quick one since I still have stuff to do before opening.”
My mind went south. “Um, what?”
“It would be much easier for me with this out of the way,” Silas plucked at my baggy t-shirt.
I wanted his hands on me in a bad way and for more than just a massage. Was I willing to let him touch me, considering I was horny as hell? I was already letting him touch me and it felt good, too good. I shrugged at myself and stiffened when the spasm hit my spine again.
“Okay, big boy. Be gentle with me,” I yanked off the shirt and lay with my face pointed to look at him.
I guess I threw him because he had to shake his head before getting that dark look out of his eyes. True to his kind spirit, it didn’t take him long to regroup.
“Do you really want me to be gentle?” He asked in a husky voice, as he stood between my lower legs.
“No, I don’t.” I answered honestly. I hated lies. “There’s lotion on the nightstand.”
“Good thing you said that or I was going to start rifling through your drawers.”
This banter was actually quite fun, until.
“I have a slight problem, Constance. Your bra is in my way,” he said as he slowly straddled me.
Right, I was wearing a front closure racer back bra and it was right below where he’d been massaging. This would be interesting.
“Well, in for a penny in for a pound,” I said as I slid my hands under me to pop the clasp.
The click was muffled in the 600 thread count cover, but I sure felt it. I pulled the warm cotton cups away from my breasts and shivered as my erect nipples brushed the cool fabric under me. He had to have felt that. I slid my hands backward and clasped them behind my back.
“Um, nice trick,” he said as he slid the fabric down my arms and placed the bra on the pillow to his right.
I slid my hands under my chin and waited. He cleared his throat, grabbed the vanilla lotion and got to work on my stiff muscles. It was heaven. I sighed deeply and let my full weight sink into the bed as I relaxed into his touch. If I hadn’t been so turned on then I would’ve fallen asleep. I even told myself to ignore the slight bulge I felt against my butt, to no avail. Once he was leaning harder against my lower region, to reach further up my body, I involuntarily shimmied my butt against that bulge. At least, I think it was involuntary.
“Excuse me ma’am but I can’t work on you if you do that again,” Silas said in a low whisper by my right ear, his face close to mine.
“Ah, no happy ending?” I couldn’t resist, there was no way.
He popped me on the butt as he slid off of the bed, and chuckled. I sighed, guess not.

Well, Whatcha think?

)))Corset Hugs(((
Ginny Lynn
Wench Writer

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