Monday, March 9, 2015

Second Week Snippets - On the Gothic Side (unpublished work in progress)

Here's a snippet from my first draft of my Gothic Paranormal Work In Progress

I whispered to him, “Please put me down.”

“Why? You fit nicely enough.”
“I don’t belong here and neither do you.”
“You are the witch who called me to your side, not I who invaded your secure bedrest.”
“I’m not a witch!” I was surprised at him even thinking that if me. I may have visions but I wasn’t even close to being pagan, let alone a practicing wiccan. I’d been raised as a Methodist, Christ’s sake.
“I asked, now I’m demanding. Put me down!”
He grinned down at me. Wasn’t he even getting tired? I may be only 5’4 but I wasn’t a waif. I had curves and strong limbs, even if I’d lost fifteen pounds in the last month. That couldn’t be helped as I’d been lean on my grocery shopping budget. I wiggled myself as to make his grip slip but it didn’t work. He only chuckled again.
Gritting my teeth, I hissed, “Put. Me. Down.”
He did but not exactly how I had hoped. He’s swung me about and slid me down his body as I firmly braced myself on my own two feet. And I was still against him. Shoving against his solid chest did nothing to bring some personal space between us. It only reminded me that he was shirtless in this little episode of my mental mini vacation. I seriously needed for this to stop.
“Fine, if you won’t go then state your business and be done with it.”
“You still think it’s that easy?”
“Yes, Mr. Bad Host, I do. State your piece and go away. I need my sleep so I can deal with you in the morning.”
“How would you deal with me? I’d love to hear this.”
“Look, Giles, I’m tired, cranky, out of my element and scared that I’m going to wake up with a severe anxiety attack if you don’t leave me to my meditating.”
“We wouldn’t want that, now would we?”
“Is my mental status so weak that I’d willingly deal with an uninvited male into my safe place?”
“We have a connection, my dear.”
“How so?” I asked but he just looked at me, eyes blazing like a cat's caught in firelight.
I gulped, as his warmth creeped into me. Now I was getting sensations in my head? Next I’d be doing something embarrassing, like having my clothes fall off. I squeezed my eyes tighter as I fought my subconscious from having that happen. No way. No how. That’s when I felt his hand graze down my hair and across my cheekbone. My eyes were wide open with that.
“So soft, like silk and lingerie. Your skin is peaches and cream on a fine china plate. Your eyes are like dusk captured in the reflection of a lake. I can just see the waves of emotion as your expressive face tips up to the light.”
Well.... whatcha think of this? I'm hoping to have this baby under contract before the end of the year, if I'm lucky :-)

)))Corset Hugs(((

Ginny Lynn

Wench Writer

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