Monday, March 30, 2015

Setting Boundaries

Boundaries - this was the sum of what I had to learn last year. Not only was I going to college but I was working three jobs as well. I had my normal 36 hour work wk, 12 hour clinical work hours, and then maybe 15 hours of my part time job on the weekends. This also involved trying to spend time with family, studying, writing a book, and sometimes I got to sleep. 
Now, I'm out of college and have just the two regular jobs to contend with and the part time one is seasonal. I still agree to doing that one because I happen to love the job plus the extra funds help to pay for the house repairs that we're in the midst of. Oy Vey. Yes, I'm still writing a book but at least the other one was published :-). Writing will not stop for me. It just takes small breathers.
These days I make sure to smell the roses, which includes having some "down time" whenever I can sneak it in. I still feel guilty when I'm not accomplishing specific tasks but I learned that I had stretched myself too thin in 2014. I had even agreed to assist the conference chair of the Moonlight and Magnolia Conference. Obviously, I'm a glutton for punishment.
There are nights when I come home from my day job and I'm mentally worn to bare nerves but I still have a family to handle, exercise to do, and writing that has to be squished in there somewhere. My hubby is surprised at how well I have taken to slowing down my chaotic spin on life and I've recovered enough that I can watch a 2 hour movie without running around to tweak things in the house. That may seem like nothing to you but if you had seen me in action last year then you would have gotten the full picture of my madness. I would even knit, write, and exercise during movies, as to feel as if I wasn't being idol for too long.
The point that I'm trying to make is that you should never over extend yourself to a point that "relaxation" is two silent minutes in a locked bathroom stall. There should be more than that. You should be active as life demands constant action but not to the point that being inactive is a crime against your nature. You can call me hyper if it makes you fell better and I am, to a point. But that's because I have so many wonderful things to accomplish in the one life that I've been given. Plus the fact that my health took several hits while I was wearing myself into the paste that holds shoes together. Sad. 

Look at your life and see if you could be pushing yourself so hard that your aura is bruised from the abuse. Are you accomplishing things that help or are you trashing bits of yourself that you might need later? Me, I've set my boundaries on how much I can take on my shoulders and the rest can sit in a bucket at my feet. I will no longer sacrifice myself for anything that doesn't improve my life (and my health). And you know what, I'm feeling better. Now pass the popcorn and lets see what's on television.

)))Corset Hugs(((

Ginny Lynn
Wench Writer

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