Monday, March 11, 2013

I'm trying out the number 7

**Disclaimer: I can not take credit for this listing. It was given to me after the 2012 Moonlight and Magnolia Conference, with no word on who designed it.**

          Okay, now that I've gotten that out of the way, let me say that I'm using it to put together some story lines that I have harbored in my cranium. It seems simple enough, so I'm giving it a try. I'm a writer who can tell a great story but I need serious technical help. Being a Right Brain person, I'm not wired with an affinity for storyboards and serious plot outlines. My goal this year is to become acquaintances with these tools. Yes, acquaintance because being friends would be too much to ask at this point. Look, I know my limits :-)

          So, here we go: (Below it will be from my book, Andromeda, as an example)

If your story has all of these, then you can build a synopsis around these 7 things.

1.            Defining Event – your story should begin at a moment of tension or change (ie. an argument, someone’s moving away, the hero is dangling from a burning building, etc.)
-              something that makes the reader WANT              to see what happens next
                         Pirates pillage Andromeda's town, tearing apart her family

2.            Stakes are Raised – an early transition point that calls your character(s) to action
-              a scene where your character has to make a decision of some kind

                          She's kidnapped by the rogue pirate captain, as he believes he can keep her forever
3.            Rising Action – important turning point that builds to a major complication and includes the most important scene before the middle
-              things are now very exciting!
                         Andromeda gets a vision that someone she loves will die because of being with her

4.            Point of No Return - can’t get around the situation and must resolve it
                         Anastase (Awna-stass) threats to take out everyone she loves if she doesn't join him
5.            Exceptional Event - a scene that builds to the dark moment

                         Her best friend is viciously attacked as a means to hurt Andromeda 
6.            Dark Moment – all seems lost, obstacles are encountered by your characters

                          In the battle to take out her stalker, a loved one is fatally wounded. Just like in her vision
7.            Resolution – problems are resolved, and you get to THE END!!

                         Read the book to find out how it ends :-)

          Not only do I want to write her brother's (Perseus) story, but I have a series (Savage Series) plus a brand new idea that are all fighting for attention right now. That takes buckets of patience and a load of skill to carry out. I'll keep looking for tools, like this one, so I can use them in the hopes of ensnaring you into my world.
)))Corset Hugs(((
Ginny Lynn
Wench Writer

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