Monday, March 4, 2013

Now is not the time, Vivien

          Muses are fickle, most writers agree with this. They love to poke you when you’re trying to sleep. They whisper to you when you’re driving. They even shout a few things when you’re shaving your legs in the shower. They have no boundaries and no concept of timing or even personal space.
          Muses are wonderful tools when it comes to building a whole new world for our characters. Not to mention the characters themselves. I write primarily paranormal, so an extensive imagination is imperative for this genre. I love the myths that are portrayed in the new and old alike but my own spin is a mixture of them both.
          Vivien is the name of my red headed muse and she’s feisty. Stubborn has nothing on this muse. She likes to smack me upside the head as often as possible and if I ignore her then she’s quiet for days at a time. Moody is an understatement. I had a hysterectomy about eight years ago but Vivien reminds me of what P.M.S. is, frequently.
          My cousin’s fiancé is a writer and she told me that she was seriously tempted to buy those soap markers that kids use to draw on themselves while in the bath. That way she could jot down ideas on the wall and wash them away once she’s transferred them all onto her laptop. It’s brilliant and I need them in dark colors as my shower tiles are mocha. (MMMM, McCafe Mocha..)
          Anyway, I’m going to have to come up with ideas on how to satisfy my muse, with her random naughtiness, while retaining the knowledge when my hands aren’t full of razors or a steering wheel. I have a voice recorder and may need to keep it handy, All.Of.The.Time. Supposedly, my phone has a voice recorder as well, so I need to check into that. I really don’t want to get pulled over by a cop for excessive swearing while I’m fighting to stay in my lane.
          Anybody have any ideas that I need to check into? I could always use the help and Vivien might need less Midol in the process.


)))Corset Hugs(((
Wench Writer
Ginny Lynn

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