Monday, September 16, 2013

Shiny Black A$$ Award

Here's my Top (Giggle) Ten for the Shiniest Black A$$ Award.

In 2008, Kate Beckinsale was given an award and her acceptance speech included the words "I think I just won an award for my shiny black a$$." I agree and I decided to give props to the women who inspired me to do squats again.

Charlize Theron: EON FLUX

Carrie Ann Moss: TRINITY

Kate Beckinsale: SELENE

Julie Newmar: CATWOMAN

Scarlet Johannson: BLACK WIDOW

Halle Berry: CATWOMAN

Fergie: as herself

Michelle Pfieffer: CATWOMAN

Jennifer Garner: ELEKTRA

Ann Hathaway: (my guys demanded this one was on the list) CATWOMAN

 Yes, I'm a fan of Catwoman. And no, I didn't dare put numbers on these ladies who dared the war of cellulite to crisco themselves into these pants. I applaud them, curves and all. Ladies, keep rocking the back so we (women) always stay in front. :-)

)))Corset Hugs(((

Ginny Lynn
Wench Writer

Me in leather at the Ga Renaissance Festival - The Pirate Ship (my first year working fulltime with the crew - 2012)

 ....look closer....


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    1. I had to do something fun for today. I should do one of these on men, BUTT what would I call it (giggle)?
      )))Corset Hug((( Kellie and thanks for stopping by.