Monday, September 23, 2013


I've heard people asking about the definition of success. What is your picture of success, if you had to plan it out or describe it to someone you just met? Would you be able to formulate something that made a great picture or would you stammer for the words?
I was a witness to another of these discussions at last month's Georgia Romance Writers Meeting. I wanted to help the young lady who was being asked to define her visions of success. She seemed uncomfortable and I was, too. I wanted to put words in her mouth but then realized that I had no idea how to answer this if it had been me.
I've rolled it in my mind since then and tried to properly answer the questions when it comes to my writing career. How do you see success, for yourself? What would be the marker for you stating "Now, I'm a success"?
I consider myself to be Always Under Construction, like Hwy 285. In that, I see that success would be constantly reaching for the goals that I have given myself. This could be a bad thing as you never fulfill your goals but in my eyes I'd be putting energy into something new that would make me grow in some way.
I see success in my helping someone to reach their own goals, like a writer friend needing a big shove (with love) as I push her to pitch for the first time. Success would be shown in any person that can say that I helped them reach a milestone.
If I had to say what my ultimate goal was for the success I would have for my future, it would be me being retired from the medical field as I traveled while writing for a living. I may live as a nomad, but being able to survive off the income as I did what makes my soul happy, that is success for me.
Can you answer the question or do you need time to come up with something?
Share it with me when you have it figured out. I'd love to hear what you came up with.
)))Corset Hugs(((
Ginny Lynn
Wench Writer


  1. Food for thought! Success for me is in 'levels'. Success for me now, at this stage in my writing, would simply be to be published. After that, success would be having a decent (and growing) reader following... And, as you stated, the ultimate success for me would be earning my way as a writer, being able to travel to places I want and writing of THOSE experiences, being a 'known' writer in my genre and, most of all, feeling my words bring many people happy days, sweet dreams and great reading.

    1. I'm cheering for you, Karen.
      ))) corset hug (((