Monday, September 9, 2013

Spider versus the fly

Spider versus the fly. Do you wonder what I'm up to? The metaphor is simple and yet, can be overwhelmingly complex.

Flies seem to be nothing but a nuisance to people as they buzz from one area to the other, handling their normal lives. Flies smell their food by using their antennas and will get by with what we would consider nothing but a useless crumb.
They're capable of somersaults as they take off and flap their two wings faster than a hummingbird. And yet, we spend so much of our time trying to get rid of the enterprising little insects. Disgustingly, they were maggots in their past lives and vomit before they eat.
Spiders are feared by post people as they are predators who are after something. Sometimes they can be evasive or hide their very existences. They scurry around and love to appear in dark areas where the shadows hide what they're up to.
But spiders are very useful. They can take out the flies, mosquitoes, and even other (more dangerous) spiders. They make beautiful work (spider webs) that are intricate and lacelike. The beauty disguises and distracts from the purpose of the painstaking job. It is there to catch what is needed to survive.  
Think over these "bugs" in a way that they become people.
People are positive and negative, all at the same time. We're imperfect. The questions I have are these:
Are you a fly that makes do with what little they can find, buzzing happily through the people who find you annoying in your fast paced way of life? Do you revolve around a large group of others that are like you?
Are you the one who hides as you work out a masterpiece that also feeds you? Do you scurry about as you go from safe place to safe place? Do you understand the fear that people have of your strange but alluring ways?
Is one better than the other? Are either totally understood? Which would you rather be?
)))Corset Hugs(((
Ginny Lynn
Wench Writer

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