Monday, October 14, 2013

Book Review on Dracula, My Love: The Secret Journals of Mina Harker By Syrie James

Hello, gang. I decided to throw in a few reviews for the people who join me in the adoration of the paranormal genre.
I start with Dracula, My Love: The Secret Journals of Mina Harker
By Syrie James 

This is based on Bram Stoker's Dracula and the movie that featured Gary Oldman, Keanu Reeves & Wynonna Ryder. I can clearly see this being made into a movie with the same characters showing the story from Mina Harker's point of view as she meets Dracula. James didn't go into pages of lush landscape but she did focus on the fighting emotions that battled in Mina's split heart.

Lies were woven in such a tight net that poor Mina gave up parts of herself as she fought to see the truth before the trail of myth. You weren't sure who was being played with and who would finally be the ultimate victim of the bed of lies. If you've seen the movie, you know how it ends but I was pleasantly surprised by her version of the inner workings of Mina's mind.
Her passionate love for the demon while she cherishes the timid kisses of her husband's lips, you feel how badly she is torn. You want her to be happy but who should she choose to make her future the vision she wants it to be? Knowing the lies were thicker than the accents telling the tales, what would you do?
Would you chose the steady man that was quiet and loving or the man who was born of hate whose mere gave held your breath in your throat? Would you condemn others as you seek out the truth of the man who could give you an eternal kiss? Is the ultimate passion of your life worth the life of others?  
I went with her on this journey and believed that she would do what was best, no matter the outcome. The heart wrenching decision kept me rooting for her. It was historical, endearing, and exciting as I came to understand the character of Mina, through her journal entries.
Thank you, Syrie James.
)))Corset Hugs(((
Ginny Lynn
Wench Writer


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