Monday, October 7, 2013

Moonlight & Magnolia Book Signing

2013 Georgia Romance Writers Moonlight & Magnolia's Conference and Book Signing

This was my first conference book signing and I was proud to represent my small press, Secret Cravings Publishing, with both of my novels (SCP Best Selling Paranormal - Andromeda and my romantic suspense Just to be Left Alone). I was surrounded by amazing authors like: Hildie McQueen, Trish Milburn, Pamela Heron, Debra Smith, Haywood Smith, Jana Oliver, and Sandy Sullivan.
Here I am! Bryonna Nobles, a Maggie Finalist, took this picture of me and my lovely books. They're so pretty that I just can't compete with them. The talented Noelle Pierce (Selestiele Designs) did the eye popping work for my business cards (and this website), which got plenty of attention. If I ever self publish, Noelle will be my "cover girl".
Below is my lovely goodie basket that was being given away as I was attending my book singing. This went to Sally Kilpatrick, another lady who has pushed me into the depths of writing til my muse threw in the fictional towel. I love my people.
Sandy Sullivan advised me to get the Square for credit card sales then Laurie White and Hildie McQueen gave me a crash course on using it. I'm so glad that I did and got the hang of it pretty quickly. Thank Goodness because I sold several of both novels.
 I thought of this idea as my pen and card holder and got some great comments on it. For my next book signing (Southern Magic Reader's Luncheon in November), I need to get some of those metal picture frame/book holders so I can properly display my sexy covers to the people perusing the fictional possibilities.

And one of the girls that made this possible was Savannah Savage, a former critique partner who was there when I needed second (third, fourth and twelve) opinions on my manuscripts as I purged the words from my brain. I was glad to see her statuesque form as she came by to purchase my new print copies. Writers need support and groups like GRW (Georgia Romance Writers) have what you need to see these dreams come true.
Thanks & )))Corset Hugs((( to those who supported this wench Writer,
Ginny Lynn



  1. Loved the recounting! Such great pictures. I miss M&M already! I am proud of myself for not stealing your pen/card holder too. :D

    This was a fantastic M&M. I was so glad you came and your books were selling. My Aunt and cousin came to the Maggies and they're already planning on coming again next year. They're not writers but they just had so much fun. My aunt is an avid reader! She stole Terry Poca's book and has already finished it. lol

    You looked amazing. Your hair was awesome all conference - so jealous of that.

    But yes, everyone needs to be in a chapter like Georgia Romance Writers. I realize not all chapters are like ours, but we are there to support you. You come to us, whether you are published or unpublished, and in three years you won't even recognize your writing anymore. It will just have improved so much with the fantastic monthly meetings and the critique partners you meet.

    Sorry, going on a tangent. Great post!

  2. Bryonna, our group is amazing. I wouldn't be where I am without them. I look forward to many more lessons.
    ))) corset hug (((
    Ginny Lynn

  3. Thank you for the awesome basket! I may or may not have clapped giddily when I found out I won it...

    1. Awwwww. But be honest, you wanted it for the Buffy series, right? Wink.

      ))) corset hug (((
      Ginny Lynn