Monday, October 28, 2013

Halloween - my second favorite holiday

Aww Halloween. This is voted as my second favorite holiday. I used to start planning my outfit in August, as to have it perfect within three months. And, I wasn't as busy back then as I am now. The outfit below is one of the only "vintage" pictures that I have of the costumes from my teenage years. I made this whole outfit, minus the hose and shoes. Yes, I made the cape and the headband. It's how I roll.
Of course, I love my vampires and even bought my own Scarecrow fangs. Being someone else for a little while can be good for the soul, as long as you know who you truly are.
I did this Little Devil for work one year and the ladies were cool enough to be silly with me. Yes, I made the top (crocheted) and the corset.
This was my version of Cat Woman for a Halloween party at a former friend's house. There were pics taken of my shiny black butt that night.
The hubby and I decided to do matching characters this particular year. I was Poison Ivy and he was Two Face. The Swedish Chef was the same guy who wore the red dress in the above pic. I think he likes Halloween, too.
This was my son and I last Halloween. I've had complaints on Facebook that this pic of me was down right creepy but that my son was amazing. I'll take those as compliments.
I've also been: Medusa, a Zombie, a Reaper, a Toy Doll, and Anna from Van Helsing.

I'm still wanting to do Malificent, Belatrix, Jessica, Batgirl, Electra, and Athena .
And you can't talk about Halloween within thinking of candy.
The treats that I loved the most were: Snickers, Reeses, Milky Way, and M & M's.
The people who gave out popcorn, apples, and pennies were just being mean. IMO.

I've been so busy this year that I don't have a costume planned. It may be a last minute thing, like being a Ghoul last year. My mom did buy me two costumes last month, so I could always throw one of those on but that depends on the weather. They're adorable but too skimpy for them predicting a cooler temperature this year. Who knows.
What are you guys going to be? Or what did you wear to the party last weekend? Share you pics, if you have them. I always love a good costume.
Happy Halloween And )))Corset Hugs(((
Ginny Lynn
Wench Writer


  1. I LOVE Halloween too. I was a Vampire Snow White this year.


    It was so much fun. I wanted to be Snow White because of my hair but with a twist. I thought about how she is poisoned, goes into a glass coffin and a kiss brings her back to life. In my version its a dark kiss - a vampire bite. It was a lot of fun.