Monday, December 16, 2013

1-3-5-10 Year Goals

1-3-5-10 Year Goals
I’ve had people tell me for years to make short and long term goals as a part of making each year count. For many of those years, I was too anxious and unsettled to bother with worrying over a future that I wasn’t certain of. I’m a far cry from what I wanted to be as an adult but I’m okay with who I am, either way. I swayed from my preteen vision of myself as reality hit me right between the naïve eyes.  
Some of my friends from back then say I’m the same person but I disagree. I’m not the large animal vet that I wanted to be. I didn’t pursue dancing as an outlet or exercise regimen. I didn’t continue modeling and acting. I didn’t have the two - three children that I wanted and I’m not settled into the Cape Cod house of my dreams. I know that isn’t what they meant but it was who I had wanted to be.
What I am now is a woman who has her spine back and will smack you with it if you push me too far. I have a teenager who has shown me to be a better role model and because of that, I’ve set my goals. Here’s what I have:
1 Yr: I want to be graduated from school by the end of 2014 and have a place in a great medical office where I love working at. I also hope to be back on the path of writing in my free time and back to working out 2-3 days a week. I’ll be learning the ropes as the Moonlight & Magnolia Co-Chair for 2014/2015 and seeing if I can handle being more in that group.
3 Yr: I want to be on the path of having (possibly) three books finished or on the way to being published. As I have a few started right now, that should be within my realm to complete. I want to be setting my son up for college as he’ll be graduating high school. I’d love to be over my fear of public speaking and even have several more book signings under my belt.
5 Yr: I’d like to have one or two more books on the way, depending on how the job is going. I want to be with more than one publishing house, even if they’re just looking at getting me into their ranks. I’d love to go to Disney again, just as an adult (who wants to be a kid for a few days).
10 Yr: As I’ll be over 50, I want to be doing goofy things with my grandchildren. Again , another few books on the published horizon. I’d be even happier if I could have another best seller out of the books written during these ten years. If I got a big deal from a prestigious house, then all the better. Oh, if I can be a rocking hot senior citizen, then Yes, Please!
Of course, I have a couple more for 15, 20, and so on. But I don’t want to bore you guys too much (if I didn’t already).
Do you guys believe in goals and if so, what are yours?

)))Corset Hugs(((
Ginny Lynn
Wench Writer


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