Monday, December 30, 2013

What's Sexy?

Everyone has there own version of what's sexy, right? It can be an international commercial for a car, a sensual perfume, or the newest sports car. Sex sells. I can't argue with this as I have a sexy cover on my romantic suspense, Just to be Left Alone. I can almost see that man running his nose down the length of her heated neck. (Fans self.) 
What do you guys think is sexy? Is it the twist of a smile, the gleam in an interested eye, the sway of hips? There are so many things that make something sexy that it's hard to put them all into words. I see something as sexy if it invokes a deeper feeling inside of me. It's not always a person. It could be a dramatic curve on a headboard that makes me want to slide my hands across the stained wood. Sometimes the design of a fender can have me thinking that a specific car is sexy. High heels are something that hit my Sexy Meter. It's not just the look of the heels it's the change in stature that it does for a woman's body. Have you paid attention to the shape of a ladies legs when she steps into a pair of stiletto heels? If you haven't, you need to. Don't be all creepy and sit in a corner of DSW to do this, please. 
Do you have a part of the body that draws your eye every time? Personally, I love to look in a man's eyes while he's talking to me. I used to find it awkward but now it shows me so many things to be fascinated with. I also love big strong backs and broad shoulders. They don't have to be "defined" or severely muscular (sorry, Vin Diesel), I just want to feel small, feminine, and like I could be carried away at any moment. Some people don't approve of that particular choice but it doesn't change how I'm wired. (Thank you God for creating Hugh Jackman!)
I wear corsets and find them sexy without even having a body in them. I've even had a guy (or two) put on one of my corsets and saw how they changed for just those few seconds. Even they stood up straight and proud, praising women who can even lace them on. Below is one of my newest ones, and I wore it to M & M 2013 plus the 2013 Southern Magic Readers Luncheon. I was very aware of myself as I traipsed around the room those days.
I admit that putting one of my babies on makes me pay more attention to how I walk, sit, and hold my entire body. It's like I'm slipping into those five inch heels from before. A dear friend of mine is statuesque in her platform heels and I would bet we feel the same even though we're adorning different areas of our bodies. I don't wear corsets to feel sexy. They're just part of me, thus, my brand. It doesn't matter if I wench them up, retro them or even vamp them out, it affects me.
Sexy doesn't equate to gorgeous either. At least not for me. I've already stated that Gary Oldman as Dracula is just yummy to me and that man is not one I would just pick out of a crowd to dance with. It was the aura and presence of the man he was portraying that made me catch my breath. Seeing Shakira dance has the same effect. I may be hetero but that woman is liquid steel in a curvaceous form. I want to be her. That's sexy. 
Take a minute to think about it. Do you know what X Factor it is that makes you feel warm inside as you dissolve the image in front of you? Is it a type? If so, then define that type. Writers, insert these things into your characters so they can be given a more realistic view in your pages. Readers, can you see a particular character who you'd yank out of the pages so you could glory in front of them? Who would that character be? What drew you to them? Sexy isn't always sex. It's the glow you get from the image itself. Never confuse the two. :-)
)))Corset Hugs(((
Ginny Lynn
Wench Writer

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