Monday, December 2, 2013

December Firsts - First Pregnancy

Yep, I was big. I can still hear the "You're So Large" Jokes. I was lucky enough to have a good pregnancy, even if it wasn't perfect or ideal. Every pregnancy has it's ups and downs and I'm not just talking about nausea and weight. I was showing at three months but didn't have the money to foot the bill for a trip to the maternity section. For the first two trimesters I simply wore size 16/18 in anything stretchy. Then I was given a gift card from my supervisor for some maternity clothes at Rich's. I was giddy at the mall that day and trying on clothes with a fake belly that would help me pick out clothes that would last the rest of the pregnancy. They were so cute that I passed them on when a loved one became blessed with her own child.
My first trimester had me craving salads and raw vegetables. It was great because I was working for a produce company on the Ga State Farmer's Market at the time. I was able to walk through the coolers and get just about anything that I wanted, in small quantities. They even sold me boxes of special items, at cost, so I could get them without taking a trip to the grocery store.
My second trimester had me craving sweets. I'm talking about tea, cakes, cinnamon rolls, chocolate, and tart items like key lime pie. My mom laughed at the last one because she craved everything lemon when she was pregnant with me.
The last trimester had me wanting every morsel of steak that I could make room for. It was sad. I looked more like a cow than the one on my plate. It may also be why my son is a meat and potatoes kind of guy. Who knows?
I was happy for the majority of my pregnancy, even when I was suffering from toxins and edema. It took them awhile to figure out what was causing that but in the meantime I was wearing size 9 Ked's tennis shoes (as my feet swelled to epic proportions) and support hose under my clothes. Yes, fat cankles (calf-ankles for the naïve) AND wearing support hose at the ripe old age of 26. I was one hell of a sexy elephant. (Yes, my words.)
The bad news was that I was not only suffering from the before mentioned items but I was having cysts rupture the whole pregnancy due to having been diagnosed with endometriosis five years earlier. It was a miracle that I had even carried full term (plus one day). During labor, the doctor had the O.R. ready for an emergency C-section - just in case.
The worse news was that even though I had been in an emergency situation at 6 weeks along (hemorrhaging), my son was fine. It was his sister that hadn't made it. It had been too early to know she was even there and I had lost her. Since there wasn't ever a heart beat to catch (back when tech was less advanced), I hadn't known she was with me until I gave birth to her. Her name is/was Samantha. (She become a sleeping fairy tattoo that covers some of my scars from uterine surgeries.)
 It took me a long time to come to terms with her existence but I had prayed for one healthy child after having three surgeries to even get pregnant. It took me a year to conceive after the intensive work that I'd had done. I wasn't about to argue with God for giving me what I had asked for. I love my son (who just turned 15) and would never change having him.
He's the best thing that I've ever made. This was his firsts pics, with daddy and mommy.
So, my first pregnancy was with two beautiful angels. One was meant to hold my hand as he grew to be a whiz of a young man and the other watches over me and her brother. Samantha will always be in my heart and imprinted on my left side. Her brother will be my proof that doctors can't tell me what I'm NOT capable of doing. We're a stubborn breed, :-)
I love my babies and I never look back.
)))Corset Hugs(((
Ginny Lynn
Wench Writer 


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