Monday, December 9, 2013

Six Impossible Things Before Breakfast

For this week I decided to go the way of Alice and the Mad Hatter. My birthday was over the weekend and being silly is the order of the week.
Can you think of six impossible things? Shoot, I could think of enough to have my guys in stitches, or going for the medicine cabinet.
Here's what I have, off the top of my Mad Head:

1. Waking up with Hugh Jackman (insert dirty thoughts here). Seriously. That's impossible for my life but a girl can dream.
2. Be paid to travel and write. If I got a wonderful contract with an outstanding publishing house where I could write one to two books every year, I'd have to have the smirk surgically removed as to not look like a makeup less Joker.
3. Be the leading love interest in every Joe Manganiello show or movie. Again, a girl can dream.

4. I'd love to have a body that was "banging" without having to workout every day or stay on a low calorie diet. And any curvy woman knows this would be a true blessing.
5. I'd want to make my book series into a TV series, like Charlaine Harris did for Sookie Stackhouse. Because of the subject matter, it'd have to be on a cable network that didn't mind pushing a few limits. It'd be a-freaking-mazing to have my people breath from the pages and onto the screen. I'd be willing to have fans send me emails that state the book was better, as I'd still be getting praise from the fans.
6. And when I wake up to none of this being true to my life, I'd find out over a cup of coffee that I won the largest lottery of any state while I was able to maintain anonymity so I could go on with my life as I settled all debts. Every person wants a life of not worrying about debt or the things that can be taken away from them. And yes, a girl can dream....and dream..
In all seriousness, the six possible things that I want for my 42nd year are:
1. To graduate from the Medical Asst Program
2. Get a wonderful (& nicely paid) job at a great medical practice
3. To lose the few pounds that I gained while working/attending night school
4. To be back into writing all the yummy ideas that my muse has been whispering into my brain
5. Having those books on the way to being published at a wonderful house
6. To Be Happy!!!
)))Corset Hugs(((
Ginny Lynn
Wench Writer


  1. Do it, Ginny. DO IT!

    Congratulations on school. :)

    1. Thanks, Kristin. I'm Under Construction and I'm determined to make it. What are your 6 things?