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Second Week Snippets - Sexy and from Andromeda, my SCP Best Seller


This is from Andromeda, my Secret Cravings Best Seller for Vampire Romantic Suspense

This scene has the girls (Andromeda and her BF Danya) going over custom apparel when it gets interrupted by Andromeda's yummy brother, Perseus. Embarrassing and Naughty. Wink.

When I walked in, Danya was already set up for the night and admired my outfit.
“Nice dress! Can you make me one in a copper shade?”
“I can probably order the copper but I do have a deep russet color ready now, if you’re interested in that?”
“All I need to know is two things. One, would it look good with my coloring? And two, would I look weird in that style?”
“How about I let you try it on and see what you think. Then I can see if there are any changes I need to make while you have it on. I think the russet would be great with your hair and skin tone. I ordered it on a whim two months ago and it has been sitting around collecting dust ever since.”
“Okay, but let’s make it quick.”
The restrooms were being cleaned, so I suggested Perseus’ office to try the thing on.
“If you’re sure he’s not here, then okay,” she said as we walked into his quiet office.
I stripped off the dress and waited for her to get out of her leggings and tunic blouse. She was in a smoky gray satin strapless bra with matching thong panties. There was a two-inch scar across her left side, right under her strapless bra.
She saw me noticing it and just shrugged before saying, “Some monsters live only to hurt others, but I at least survived to see him die.”
“Did an old love do this to you?” I handed the dress over to her and felt her pain in the brief touch of her hand.
“Yes. He tried to stab me in the back. Literally. I moved at the last second and it kept him from slicing into my spine. He was high on meth and thought I'd hidden his stash from him. Apparently, he needed it bad enough to kill me.”
She pulled the velvet into place and it looked great, even with it being a few inches too short for her. The waistline emphasized her hips and the straps brought attention to her square shoulders. I knew exactly how to alter it to be more flattering and we were discussing the details as I felt Perseus come into the bar. She had taken off the dress and was handing it to me when the door opened. He stepped in and his gaze took in Danya’s semi-nude body in front of him.
She dropped the dress when she saw him and time seemed to stop. I had no idea who was emitting what, but the air was ripe with raw need, embarrassment, shock, and awe. I didn’t move for fear that I'd break the spell. Perseus came to first and reached down to pick up my forgotten dress. I accepted it without a word as his eyes never left Danya’s body. I slipped it on and saw Danya turn scarlet as she grabbed her clothes as a shield before her body, but the damage had already been done. She would’ve been better off just to dress in silence or even make a joke of the situation, but she didn’t. I decided to make the joke for her.
“I get someone naked in your office and you decide to walk in? What kind of brother are you?”
“I guess you should’ve locked the door. Besides, if anyone gets naked in my office, then I have the right to enjoy it.”
He smiled and I felt Danya’s embarrassment grow. She had a gorgeous blush covering her skin. I enjoyed this moment, but only at the satisfaction I got from knowing he wanted her as much as she wanted him.
“Well, no harm no foul.”
I shrugged and winked at Danya when she finally looked at me. She wasn’t sure if I'd known he would walk in, but intended to ask me when we were along again. I nodded at her in answer and she frowned at me. I shrugged again and she broke the tension.
“Boss, do you mind turning around so I can get dressed?”
“Yes, I do. I’ve already seen most of that gorgeous body so why try to hide it now?”
“A gentleman would turn around,” she countered as she still held her clothes against her blushing body.
“I never claimed to be a gentleman.” He gave her a heated look.


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