Monday, September 8, 2014

How do you......?

Today I'm asking the question "How Do You Write An Initial Idea?"
What I'm wondering is if you happen to be sitting/standing somewhere and BOOM an idea slams into you like a buggy in the Walmart parking lot. 
I'm usually nowhere near my laptop or a notepad when this occurs, like in the shower or when driving. I do keep a slip of paper in the console so I can grab the pen and jot it down in between red lights but that is the most that I can do. But when you get this idea, do you typically write down the idea and then go back later to flesh it out? Do you pencil out a skeleton outline, get a white board with rainbow markers, or do you start a spreadsheet (like Save the Cat)?
As I'm primarily a pantser, I get a few key words either onto my phone notes or on a receipt, then flesh it out when I have a few uninterrupted minutes. (Insert hysterical laughter here). Some of my ideas come to me in scenes, witty one liners (aka hook lines), or in full blown Dorothy in Oz color. I have better luck getting ideas when I'm being more positive with life issues or if I'm forcing myself to meditate for a session or twelve. (Sometimes three isn't the magic number.) 
Recently, I was driving to work and got one idea so I penned a few main words before I added weight to it in my mind the rest of the way in. I was ten minutes early for work so I had the time it took to get a couple of scanty paragraphs into my phone's notepad for when I had downtime. The next day, I got another flash that was similar to the day before but could be flipped to be two different stories that had a chance of being a series. (where each person gets a story) This was amazing as it was out of the norm for me. Norm??? Yes, the setting on my washing machine. (Haha)
I have friends who push to get ideas out all at one time but others let it gain momentum over a few weeks. I go with what the story dictates. Say that the story starts with a scene and by the time I get to a long red light, it has grown into a few chapters...I jot down what all is included so I don't forget anything when I get to my destination. I probably have six slips of paper in the console right now with these gems saved on them. It's a way of getting them out before I get stuck in traffic or get sidetracked by another errand that needs to be run. Yes, I can be random.
What do you guys do? Do you wait until it's meatier to get it on paper/Word or do you go with what your muse feeds to you? How does the process start for you?  

)))Corset Hugs(((
Ginny Lynn
Wench Writer


  1. I jot notes and words, but mostly I let it gain momentum. Since my biggest fault is allowing story to meander and morph and change, I try my best to outline and plot... but pantsing usually wins because some character goes and says something out of the blue and shoots my plotline to heck.

    1. It's crazy how our muses work but we work it out. Thanks, Pamela.