Monday, September 15, 2014

To Have and Too Bold - extra info

Now that my newest release, To Have and Too Bold, is on Nook and Kindle (plus the Secret Cravings Publishing Website), so I'm going to share a little tidbit with you on what happened to this story.

Ya see what had happened was.....(giggle) this didn't end as I had originally planned. I sent it to my alpha and beta readers (the people who critique your story before you send it to a publisher) and told them that I wanted honesty on how the story ended. I got good remarks on the level of tension plus the closure of the story being fulfilling with no bad remarks on how I handled the characters themselves.

In my original outline, which will not be put here (mwahahaha,) I had it ending with tons of edgy tension and there was blood to be shed. I even had a small sex scene to be placed after the dark moment of the story line. It was more dramatic, sexier, and more suspenseful, like Andromeda

and Just to be Left Alone.

Since I was in college as I was writing this, I had to find time in between semesters to dig into Calinda's story. This causes problems with your muse forgetting where the story left off in her mind (Yes, I know she's not real. Sort of). You may have it outlined but is the passion for the tale still there? Time passes and so does your mental processing. 

With my timing being the main issue, I kept reading the outline as I picked the writing back up (every month or three). Then it took a turn that I didn't expect. Vivien (my redheaded muse) decided that this was going to be a Sweet Romance (low heat, no sex) and the ending wasn't to have the espionage of a CSI episode. I never even bothered with writing out the missing scenes that were touched upon in my outline. I just didn't waste the time, unless I saw that my readers weren't satisfied with how the first draft ended. 

I simply wrote as my mind played the images and prayed it would be the right choice. Many writers have the same problem and it's like a Mac truck coming at you in your crowded lane. You either decide to play chicken or you get hit. At least, that's how I see it. Some readers have even gotten mad when you've gone back and told the "real" story of how things were to go (Like the wonderful J K Rowling).  

I've decided NOT to put the alternate ending on here but may actually write it, one day. I have so many other stories to develop that it may stay undercover for the rest of my life. I know that I can replay it in my head, or look over the aged notes from when this started over a year ago, that will suffice. You guys can read what is published and see for yourself. If you read it and want the other info, I may give it to you in an email. Maybe :-)

)))Corset Hugs(((
Ginny Lynn

Wench Writer
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