Monday, September 29, 2014

What do you do when.... You have no time for your muse?

What do you do when.... You have no time for your muse? 

Okay peeps, another ???? for my followers (and trollers :))

I fought this with school but it feels different with my current situation. My job transferred me to another office (twice, technically) and I'm moving into a new house (new to me). This leaves me barely enough conscious time to handle these blogs while I gulp down my healthier lunches. Those who have moved, without the use of a moving company, know that this is a nightmare even with help but using three vehicles (don't forget the small boxes and garbage bags) is over the limits. 

My muse screamed at me during breaks at school but only a few delicate whispers have come from her the last two weeks. I'm still jotting down what I can when I am able to hear her but she's not as vocal as she was the two weeks after I graduated. It just seems strange. You'd think it would have been the opposite but my mental strains must be larger than I had thought.

As I see a light at the end of my transitional tunnel (if I use binoculars). I'm currently going on job interviews plus have my resume out there for the medical world. My rental has to be vacated by midnight on 9/30, so that gives me a small window to situate myself. Sigh, I'd love to have everything out the week before so that I can fix anything minimal before the keys are passed back to the manager. Insert hysterical laughter here.....

Have you guys had this issue with your muses? Did your muse just hush up for the duration of the life stressing moment or did you run into a block larger than H & R? It kinda makes me nervous that I have somehow shut up a part of myself while dealing with the day to day things that happen to be at the bottom of the last box. Are you lucky enough to have one that talks to you on a normal basis, no matter what fan has been covered in poo? Shout out and let me know and what did you do once your issues were clear?

)))Corset Hugs(((
Ginny Lynn

Wench Writer


  1. I deal with this constantly. When I get a chance I wake up earlier than usual and let my mind wander. I let everything that is screaming for attention bounce around without ever opening my eyes. Once I am fully awake I get up and turn on my laptop. I don't sit and try to work but I do open and read a little of my WIP.
    I start getting ready for work or whatever else is planned and if I feel the urge to write then I do.
    Sometimes my mind is so cluttered that it takes a few days but once I allowed my random (ID? EGO?) Thoughts to work themselves out then the words flow like spice on Arrakas

    1. Great idea and thanks for stopping by. Hugs.